check_run event contains unexpected datas pull_requests base repo owner login but not always


Sometimes the check_run event contains pull_request with unexpected datas “pull_requests > base > repo > owner > login” but the documentation says we should not have the “owner > login” part of the json.

Check docs:

Sometimes the check_run event does not contains those extra datas so the API is not “consistent” accross time. I don’t know why, maybe it is because the event origin is different. But still, the datas sent by the API should respect the content of its documentation and / or the documentation should reflect the behavior of the API nope ?

Hope that helps

The JSON payload is variable because some fields don’t apply to some events. Rather than having a field that contains a null value, the field isn’t present when it is not applicable. Unfortunately, this means that exhaustive documentation of the JSON payload is not possible. We do our best to give representative examples in our documentation, but they are only examples and the current payloads may vary from what is shown in our documentation. This is true of all of our webhook and REST API documenattion, not only the check_run event.

I hope that helps!