Check Out Project from Version Control - GitHub missing

I’m just starting with out VCS & Andriod so folloiwng a UTube video

Ive cloned the GitHub Url, it then says to open Android Studio (I’m on version 3.20) and select GitHub. This is where it all stops GitHub is missing. I have GIT and a few others.

Any help please be appreciated






Hi, @opssoft, thank you for being here! First I’d double check to ensure that the plugin is enabled by following: Menu>VCS>Enable Version Control Integration. If that doesn’t work, you can try importing your project, using the “Import into version control” option. GitHub as a VC checkout option should be an option then. I hope this helps!

Colleague talking about the initial project import into Android Studio, not about enabling Source Control support in existing project.

Confirming: Android Studio with last update (3.2) removed GitHub as source, from where you can check-out your project. And, I think, bravo for this.



There is a lot out her that for us Newbie’s related to GitHub

I have found away, Can’t remmeber if I had the Project in GitHub alreday though

VCs>“Import into version control” >Share Project on GitHub

Doesnt seam to be written right, but looks like bydoing that GIT is doing the VCS and its  stored in GitHub. That sound right?

It still isnt working for me. Any other advice?

Is that the Google maps app from codingwithmitch YT channnel? I have the same doubt too. :slight_smile:

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Hope this will help.

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Adapted some of it cor what im trying to do

I dont know if it still relavant, but I have the same problem with GitHub and I try using your advice(with change in VCS ) but it makes an error that I dont Know to solve- and it doesnt give me an option to cancel what I did


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