Check if user a member have the github students pack


I want to authenticate members to know if they have the github students pack. The final goal if to know if they are student. Something like what make JetBrains is exactly what I want. The problem is that I don’t found anything that can be use in the v3 or v4 API. Plan is return “pro” even with a student account.

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I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t expose that information through the GitHub API. I’m not sure what you mean by referring to JetBrains, maybe you could clarify?

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Github offer to student a pack that contains github pro (marked as a 7$ off coupon) while you are student. JetBrains offers also a student pack who contains all his software ( To claim it you can login to your github account and you are redirected to a github OAuth app that ask for Personal user data (Email addresses (read-only), profile information (read-only)). Without more info JetBrains manage to know how that you have the github student pack and so that you are a student. I wan’t to do the same thing : know if the personn who log is or isn’t a student.

Hopping I have clarify my question.


I’m familiar with the Student Developer Pack. JetBrains is part of that pack, which is why they know who is part of the program. But we don’t expose that information generally.

So if I want to get access I need to apply to integrate the pack ? Can I just request access to this information by contacting Github ? I don’t want to advertise my project thought github and my service can’t support a such amount of people. For you, need I to try ?

If you have questions about the Student Developer Pack program, you can contact the Education team at