Check if a team manages a repository


I’m trying to check whether a specific team manages the target repo or not as described here - 

The documentation is a bit confusing. It says that I need to provide a bunch of parameters but don’t explain the nature of the parameters at all. Here is the target URL:

GET /teams/:team_id/repos/:owner/:repo

What is :owner, where to get it, :repo is it repository name or ID?

I tried with IDs and always get 404 even if I see in UI that the repo assigned to the team.

The goal:

We have an Engineering team in the organization, and I want to check if the repo assigned to the team.



owner is the term that we use for the user or organization that the repo belongs to, because it’s easier than typing user_or_organization everywhere :grinning: repo is the name of the repository. So if you’re working with the repository at, then the owner is foo and the repo is bar.

I hope that helps!