Check if a file was created in github or created via git

This is for a hackathon, the organizers think I was cheating by starting earlier
in my repo, it says I made commits, tbh I don’t even know git…
So here’s a sequence of things I did… Please help me prove my innocence

Problem - Commits to repo before it was even created, did not use git

1 - Created repo (GitHub - itzplayz0001/HTM-2.0-Hackathon) on 26th June 2021 around 11 PM
Proof -
Look for “created_at”: “2021-06-26T05:40:27Z”


======= ACTIVITY ON 26TH JUNE 2021
3 - Created a package.json file by clicking the Create File button and pasted the code
4 - Created auth.js and pasted the code
5 - Created index.css
6 - Created app.js
7 - Created login.ejs
8 - Created register.ejs
9 - Created auth.js
10 - Created global.json
11 - Created users.json
12 - Created index.ejs

====== ACTIVITY ON 27TH JUNE 2021
All files have been uploaded

A way to differentiate and see whether a file was uploaded with git or created manually

If by “created manually” you mean that you used the GitHub web interface, your commits should have a PGP signature from GitHub. Those signatures contain a timestamp that proves when they were created.

Checking them requires you to use Git locally, see: Git - Signing Your Work

One other important thing to keep in mind is timezones. :wink:

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Why are you trying to prove innocence, shouldn’t it be on them to prove guilt?

Innocent till proven guilty …