Check efficiently that code reviews comments were implemented


I am quite new to GitHub and I was using Gerrit before.
There is a feature that I love in Gerrit that I couldn’t find in GitHub pull requests’ code reviews.

Let’s say that you submit a “Request changes” review with several comments in the code. Then the owner of the pull request pushes a new commit to fix the issues highlighted by my comments. How can I efficently check that the new commit took into account my comments?
When I open the “Files changed” tab and look at the split diff between the latest commit (on the right) and the commit where I put my comments (on the left), my comments do not appear on the left side.
The only way I found is to have both the “Files changed” and “Conversation” tab opened but I think it is not at all convenient.

Actually I was expecting the comments to be linked somehow to a commit so when this commit is selected in the diff, the comments will automatically display but it seems it is not the case.

Did I miss something?
How do you handle this use case?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


A similar question was asked here: Verifing if all request changes made in a pull request code review are made
Given the answer I guess there is no way to handle this use case more effeciently then opening the pull request in 2 different windows: one with the comments and one with the changes done.

Can anybody confirm?