Cheap Storage System

Hi guys, my first question :smiley:

Next year I will make an movie with an Canon C200. This camera needs about 500 MB/s, so I will need about 8 TB of Storage.

So I thought about an NAS in RAID 1, because we want to have an fall back safety and the possibility if we need more Storage to change to RAID 0. But such an device costs without HDD’s >250.-

So I found ext. HDD Cages with USB but I’m not sure how they work.

First, we’ll need 2 bays with support up to 8, better 10 TB (16 to 20 in total) with the option to use RAID 1  OR RAID 0.

I found things like 

Type-C Docking/Klonstation IB-121CL-C31

but do they support what I want? Speed isn’t important, we’ll just need it 1 time for uploading while shooting and one time to render (And it doesn’t matter if it needs to render 4 or 7 days)

THX! :robothappy:

Why RAID 0 or RAID 1? Why not a RAID 5 or 6?

You can implement it in a PC or buy a NAS.