Chat website on Github Pages?

I wanna ask if I can make a chat website on github pages without using php. I found out some way through. I wouldn’t use any server-side language. Can I make a chat website with the website linked to other css and js code? Will I get banned if I make a code that linked to other code like js or css code?

I cannot remember it is not allowed. Promoting a business is the only concern. Me also, I deployed two games using GitHub Pages and they are not banned up to now.

Wait I can use php on github pages?
So I can host chat websites with other git?
I wanna make a chat website with js, html, css but separate.

You can’t without a third party program. GitHub Pages is static so it can’t run PHP script. If you have a way to only use browser-side scripts for yout GiHub Pages to work as a chat platform, you can do that. It is allowed. My games use CSS and JavaScript only, so it’s working.

check this out if you are still confused on what GitHub Pages can do

Oh ok. I understand now. All the codes is js, css, html. I just curious about your messages. That all