Changing the Jekyll theme of Github pages

I have seet up a Github pages blog at using the minima theme. I also have a copy of the repository on my local Windows PC and can see the site locally with jeckyll serve.

The minima theme is basic, but it does more or less what I want. A summary of the blog posts appears on the front page and shortcuts to other pages (such as about) appear on the top right of the front page when I create a file in the root of the repository. I can add images to these pages.

I have a fair bit of work to do transfer blog posts to a previous site and will carry on using markdown for that.

What I would like to do sometime soon is pretty the site up by adding some colours to headers and banners text etc.

There are some colourful themes available as standard in Github pages, Caymen for example, but those themes loose the navigation links at top right (to the about page for instance) that appear with minima.

Is it possible to make the default themes produce the minima style navigation links, or would it be necessary to change to another supported\remote theme - and would this be straight forward ?

Edit your _config.yml file.

Yes, I suspected there might be changes needed to the _config.yml file.