Changing the default PR target when creating a PR from a fork

I maintain a fork of another repository. []( -\> [](

When working on a new feature, I typically create a feature branch on my repo (the fork), 

and create a PR for reviewing the code etc, and eventually push it.

I love and use the flashy buttons that offer to create a PR for me after I pushed a feature branch.

Unfortunately, I often too rapidly hit the create PR button, without double-checking that the target branch for that PR is the master branch on my repo, and not the original repo master branch.

Several times, I ended up bugging the original author creating PR and closing them right away.

Is there a way to set the default target repo to something else than the original repo, while keeping the fork relationship? 


Hey! Unfortunately, it does not seem this is possible. Inherently, forks are most commonly used for making changes to someone repo and then requesting to merge those changes back into the master branch which is why this is a default. I suggest reaching out to GitHub support and requesting this as a feature. 

This is a terrible interface design on Github’s part, it’s too bad they are not interested in fixing it. Feature branches are the norm, 99% of branches are not intended for the upstream, makes no sense to make that the default.

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