Changing my Github email issue

Today, I wanted to add a new email to my account. But when I tried, it said the email was in use (MY new email! ). I don’t remember creating an another account, so I tried to login to that account by the “Forgot password” button, but it said : “That address is not a verified primary email or is not associated with a personal user account.” Can someone identify my problem and perhaps solve it? Thanks.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

This issue will need to be dealt with in private support. Please open a ticket using the email address you are trying to add to your account. Please note you’ll need to sign out of GitHub before you open a support ticket so that you can use the correct email address.

So I take a ticket via your link? And I need to sign out whilst taking the ticket. I don’t know what you meant by the correct email address. The one I want to change? Or the one I want to have?
Thanks again for your help!

Edit : Oh, let me check first.

Edit : Thanks, I checked the link and I sent my issue.

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