Changing .gitconfig location


I’m using gitdesktop. suddently it doesnt find my gitconfig file.
After looking on the net, I found that it was using the HOME variable. My home variable is set by my company to map a drive and a shared folder.

It was working fine until 3 weeks ago.
Now it seems he is trying to use the one in C:\users\my_username

If I add a new home variable it’s working back but I will have trouble with the rest of my configuration.
I found on the net that adding a line on the file profile can change the value for gitdesktop of home like this :

It has worked one day and not working anymore :’(

So to sum up, my .gitconfig file is located in H:\ and and i would like that gitdesktop work with it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help

i just tried to clone my repository and if that can help, here is the message error :