Changing a file name

i am having issue changing my file name, the bot is refusing to respond after i changed my file name to what it requested

Hello @abdulmalik500. What course are you experiencing the issue with?

course: github-slideshow/pull/3
link: _post/ by abdulmalik500 · Pull Request #3 · abdulmalik500/github-slideshow · GitHub

GitHub slideshow
I replied to you in the community

Hi, I am having the same problem…

I changed it but the bot is still requiring me to change the file…

HI maria i guess this could be the end of the challenge lets go to the next stage. as for me i close the request.
whats your username so i could add you lets be friends if you dont mind

Olá!Pessoal estou com o mesmo problema. Alguém conseguiu resolver?Estou começando a achar que faz parte do desafio.

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