Changes of repository description are not shown in google search

Hi all,

I created a Github repository and recently updated repository description and README file so that it can be searched on google with its keywords.

However, the modified descriptions are not applied when I search on google though it has been a few days.

How can I make it shown on the google search? I even tried to change the repository name but it is also not updated.

Thanks for help in advance.

Hi @kkjh0723

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This topic has already been opened and is being discussed in another thread here: In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads, instead of opening new ones about the same topic. For this reason, I’ll be closing this topic, and you can continue the conversation in the original thread, if you’d like. It’s more likely you’ll get engagement and answers to your own questions this way, too.

Thank you again for being here!