Changes in repository shows another account

Hello there,
The issue that I am facing is that, I previously had an account signed in on my GitHub Desktop app but I recently opened another account for official purposes and I signed in with that on GitHub Desktop.
Now, when I do some changes locally and then commit and push to origin, the updates are showing that they are made from my previous account and not from my original account.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the GitHub Desktop app but the problem still persists.
Can anybody tell me how I can change any setting so that it displays my account’s name on the commits when I do some changes locally?
Thank you!

Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum @mayhemongithub! It sounds like you still have the email address associated with your previous account set in your .gitconfig.

You can read about this issue here:

You can check the email address that GItHub Desktop is currently using by going to the file menu and selecting GitHub Desktop > Options > Git. Make sure the email address matches an email address under your GitHub account. You can view your current email addresses here:

I hope that helps!