Changed username


I’ve changed my username. I only use github to report issues and ask questions in some forums.

Does it affect that?

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It shouldn’t affect any of that. Any @ mentions of your old username will no longer link through, but otherwise, the consequences of username changing are mostly to do with public links and repositories.

Do you maybe know how to change the username on this forum? :slight_smile:

Yes! You ask. Would you like me to make your usernames match?

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Yes, please! I would like you to change it!

I was wrong :see_no_evil:

Fortunately I’ve found another way. You need to log out of the community, and then go to your GitHub app authorisation settings here.

Select “authorised GitHub apps” and then revoke access to the community. When you come back, you’ll need to re-authorise the community, and your username will be updated. :tada:


Weeee, thank you so much. Done!!

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