Change username stuck


I’m trying to change my username from mybusinessname to myfirstnamelastname so I can use the exiting personal username on an Organziation account.

I started the process, but it seems to be stuck. says “Your username is being changed. This may take a few minutes.” - it has said that for about 24h now, which seems like too long for something that should take “a few minutes” to process.

I opened a ticket for this, but it seems like response times are slow due to the pandemic. Can anyone here offer any insight or solutions? Or is this normal and I just have to wait longer?


  • Peter

Any word on this? I’m a pro user and submitted a support request 8 days ago… no response here or from the support ticket.

Thanks for your patience! I see our support team solved the issue.

Yes, they did – thank you!!!

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