Change username back to original

Hi there,

I changed the username in another account in order to convert it to an organisation. However, I made a mistake and can’t change it back to the original name in order to revert the changes. When I try, I get an error message saying that the original name is not available.

Can somebody help me?

just wondering why you would be needing to convert it to Org when you can simply create an Org at your personal account

there is no assurance but you can try this,

Thanks for the reply. I have filled a form following your link.

The thing is that i tried to convert the account into an organization. I followed a page with instructions and changed the username so I could create an organisation with that name. I couldn’t use that name and then tried to rename back to the original name without success.

Later, I read that it was possible to directly convert a user into an organization but I am stuck with a wrong name now.

while waiting for the response from them, you can already create a new Org, it’s free and without the tendency to lose your original personal account