Change to .md edit box


Sorry for the (likely) newbie question and phrasing, I’m not overly familiar with coding. I use a .md file to host and maintain a large list through a table, and while before it showed all of the raw text in a smaller textbox which I could scroll through to edit, starting a couple of weeks ago it started automatically extending it to show all the raw text at once. When starting to edit, that initial scrollable textbox appears initially, only to be replaced a couple of seconds later. As this full list slows down my computer and messes with my searching for entries compared with the previous way of editing, could anybody help me figure out how to revert this change?

This is probably a bug with the GitHub WebUI because other users have recently reported similar problems with the browser source code editor no longer behaving like it used to. I guess all you can do is wait that the problem is fixed.

Thanks for reporting the bug.