Change size of responsive menu folding

I use a 3840w screen, newest Firefox, and WinSplit Revolution to split my screen into three columns (of 1/3 screen panels).

when Github is at 1/3 of the screen width, the menu is collasped, and I either have to click the folding menu button or horizontally expand the browser window by about 5 pixels to log in.

Yes, it’s only one additional step, but it’s annoying that with just a couple of more pixels off the breakpoint… those steps wouldn’t be necessary.


Sounds like you have a pretty sweet setup there 😀

GitHub’s designer teams do a lot of research into these things when they choose to use particular design elements such as responsiveness break points. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they’re going to change those to help you out here. I’ll mention the use case to them though. I suspect more and more mobile device resolutions are going to overlap with desktop device resolutions in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @computercarl,

Since it sounds like you’re into customizing your own experience, however, there are a couple of Firefox plugins that allow you to run custom CSS in your browser when viewing a particular site. You could possibly use this to override the particular responsive breakpoint as needed for your particular setup.

Hope this helps!