Change select option button to add to cart button


2 days trying to fix this but I didn’t found any answer in the web. please help me here.

I have variable product with 1 variation ( I can’t change from variable to single product because it will creat an issue with Alidropship plugin). my issue even it is one variation it is showing select option button instead of add to cart.

It sounds like you want to check if the product only has one variant and if it does only have one variant then you don’t show the select options?

Or to put it a nicer way, only show the select options if there are more than one variants.

Could you share the piece of code in question (where it outputs your select field and options) and how you want it hidden. You have a couple of options here. you can either replace the select field with a hidden input field or add styling to the select field to hide it, so long as the variant is pre-selected.