Change organization account to user account

When i test atomics project i will have organization account .After login to my github account and click to create organization and add my friend to owner of organization and then click finish .After that, I found that can not login to my account , after search i found that i changed my account to org and can not changed to user account.

after create new user account and make my new user to owner ,

my account user @azizkahni is important for me .My account show my activity and development and one of important thing in development social . i want see my isseu and history and gist and folower and star , Why i can not change my account to User ???

Please help me.

You have converted your user account into an orginization. The process clearly indicates that it is a permanent change , and cannot be reverted.

See this article for more information:

if fabpot (Fabien Potencier) number one in github contributing . make this mistake github was saying you can not revert this action ?

No, you can’t revert it - the big red text above the confirm button explained this.