Change notification settings for Draft Pull Requests

I would like to only trigger notifications on a Pull Request when it has been marked as “Ready for Review.” Prior to that, I don’t think all watchers on a repository need to be notified that a Draft PR is open. Is this option configurable?


Hi @pearsonhenri

Thank you for being here! Currently, if you are signed up for email notifications for activities involving pull requests, that does include draft pull requests as well.

While GitHub does not currently feature granular configuration of notifications for the different types of PRs, I can confirm that I have passed this over to the product team to look into and consider.

Since this is a fairly new feature we are always grateful for feedback, and although I don’t have an ETA, rest assured your feedback is in safe hands!

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply Andrea! Would love to see that feature hit production someday :) 


Hey @andreagriffiths11,

Is there any update on this? If it’s actually been considered for implementation, is there a feature request/ticket that I could follow for updates?

Would love to see this happen!



+1 for this, it will be really useful to avoid too many notifications during draft phase of PR


+1 for this. I get dozens of notifications every day. I use the github notifications web interface, which is excellent, but I don’t like that there’s no way to filter on metadata of the issues/PRs. I would like to filter out draft PRs, for example. I’m forced to do this visually currently, and dismiss notifications for draft PRs manually. I would similarly like to be able to filter by PR labels.

We have a big org with dozens of developers and hundreds of active PRs and issues, so better notification filtering would save a lot of time for the team.



+1 Would be nice to not be notified of draft PRs.


+1 Would be nice to not be automatically notified of other folks draft PRs.


Yeah, I keep getting notifications on draft pull requests which I’d rather not since the developer isn’t done yet. So if we could add a configuration option to NOT send emails when a PR is in draft that would be very much appreciated!

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@andreagriffiths11 any update on this?


@andreagriffiths11 - seriously if I could get just a dozen or so fewer of the 100+ GH notifications I get in a day it would be really nice.

This seems like it should be obvious that reviewers not get notifications when the submitter is not ready to have the code reviewed.


Please, could you update us on the feature?
We create draft PRs in the beginning of work and then mark them ready when the developer needs the review. This leads to a problem that we get unnecessary emails in the beginning of the feature development but don’t get it when we actually need to review the PR


Is there any update to this topic?


GIT Does need more granular control of notifications. People don’t need them for DRAFT PRs and I for one don’t need them on every single commit made to a PR. Please enhance email Notifications - I don’t need 200 emails on our repository for ever little thing.


I also sorely need this.

Another option would be to add functionality ala “Unsubscribe until final”.

Worst case I sometimes I have Draft PRs that go on for months with activity many times a day, but I cannot unsubscribe because I am interested in the final result.


Really annoying to get a notification every time someone pushes code to a draft PR branch. This essentially makes draft PRs fairly pointless as a feature.