Change Jekyll build folder and host on gh-pages

I have a Jekyll site, the site builds from a folder called _build, as opposed to the root directory as normal, and outputs to the _site folder. This works fine in local development but when hosted on gh-pages I get a 404 error. Please help.

The repository is:

Thanks a lot!

When building, it is supposed to go to _build, and when you serve it, it should go to _site. The site should be available to view at

Hope this helps!

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

That’s what I had expected the outcome to be, but it doesn’t seem to work. :face_with_monocle:

I’ve changed my file structure so that index.html, _layouts etc. are all in the root directory, as is normal, and it now works fine, so the problem must be in changing the jekyll source location.

I’ll keep looking into this in the future once this project is finished and post a fix, if I find one.