Change in the display of web hook deliveries

GitHub made a change in the display of web hook deliveries that makes it prohibitively difficult to go back and redeliver failed deliveries.

It used to be that I could look through the list of web hook deliveries, possibly clicking the “Load more deliveries” button several times to go back through the full month’s worth of deliveries, to find those that failed and were marked with a red triangle. I could then click the “…” button, click “Redeliver”, click “Yes, redeliver this payload”, and GitHub would redeliver the payload, and if it succeeded, it would replace the red triangle with a green check and I could then continue to go through the history of deliveries until there were no more failures. I could then be assured that all deliveries had been delivered. I was in the habit of doing this a couple times a month.

Now, when I click “Redeliver” and “Yes, redeliver this payload”, GitHub clears the entire list of deliveries and reloads just the first page of them, so I lose my place in the list. It then adds a new line item at the top of the list for the redelivery, leaving the failed delivery marked with the red triangle wherever it was in the list. This makes it nearly impossible for me to keep track of which failed deliveries I’ve redelivered, and it’s more difficult the further down in the list the failed deliveries are since it then takes several full-page scroll-downs and clicks of “Load more deliveries” to get back to where I was. It is so difficult that I’m not going to do it anymore, so the failed deliveries simply won’t get delivered, so some things that we want to have built simply won’t get built.

:wave: @ryandesign: Thanks for sharing that input here. Our product team currently collects requests like these in the form of a submission through our official product feedback form. Would you mind sending this there so they can can track your request? That’s the best place to share requests like these in consideration for future iterations of GitHub features.

Also, while I can’t personally speak to any upcoming changes, I encourage you to check out our GitHub public roadmap for upcoming features in addition to The GitHub Blog for new feature announcements.