Change img size

Please help, I am trying to resize my image in GitHub
but i am anable to do this.
Please help me to resize my images in

Could you give us the link to your repository? (e.g.

Hello @naseemkhan7021,

As far as I know there’s only two methods of resizing images for your readme:

  1. the HTML <img> tag.
  2. editing the size of the image with an image editing program.

The simplest solution would be to use the HTML image tag and add the width/height attributes.

<img src="IMG_LINK" width="100" height="100"/>

Replace IMG_LINK with the link of your image, and adjust the width/height values as needed.

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[facepalm] I was thinking of that but I forgot that markdown supports html! Thanks @sethclydesdale!

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