Change font and font size in markdown page


My file is something like

Some text

Table Heading
|column1_heading|column2_heading| |--|--| |hi|there|
Some text

When I view this page in git, text before the table, table and text after the table, is displayed fine, as expected.

I want to change the font and font size in which the contents of this .md file is displayed.

Please let me know, how to change the font and font size.


Hi there and welcome @jason2020usa! I’m afraid it’s not possible to change the font size or family the GitHub Markdown renderer uses. If you really need that kind of control, why not try building your own site (perhaps using GitHub pages)?

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Thank you for the answer and suggestion

Will use GitHub pages


Not sure if this solution works for tables, but there’s some level of HTML support in GitHub’s markdown. So using <sub>, <sup> or a combination of both can yield the desired effect.

Edit: it is worth noting that using these tags only to drive the size of the font brings implications in accessibility.