Change email address in

I changed my primary email address on Github and removed the previous email address. I went into and unlinked and relinked my Github account. correctly shows my Github account with the new email address as the “Associated Account” however the primary email address is still the old one. I can’t find a way to change it… please help if you can.

Here is a screenshot
Screenshot 2021-01-02 163654|276x499

This is a weird one. Can you confirm that you’re receiving GitHub community emails to the old email address?

Yes. Just got one indicating your response to this thread.

Thanks for clarifying.

I’ve just tested this and managed to change my email by disconnecting and then reconnecting my GitHub account in my preferences:

Can you try that?

I just tried again. I had done that the first time. This time, after disconnecting account I hit save. Then I reconnected account and hit save. Then I logged out. Then I logged back in. Then it worked!


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