Certain styles just not working?

My github page index has certain styles to ensure the animation runs properly.

Similarly to the services section, the logo and web sections should have a fade in animation, but for some reason the .logos and .web classes do absolutely nothing?? And it’s the exact same code on my local machine, where the site runs just fine… I just copied and pasted and now, for some reason, some of the styles just don’t work? I’m so confused about this and can’t figure it out. Help?

Hi @omgray, welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

I’ve taken a look at your site and it seems like the .web class is being applied and does have some CSS styles attached. Are you seeing something different on your local machine still? If so, can you be a little more specific as to what differences you’re seeing, maybe by posting some comparison screenshots of your local site and what you’re expecting to see, and from what you see in the web inspector?