Certain Packages Greyed Out on Dependency Graph


Some repos are greyed out on the GitHub dependency graph feature. Any idea why this is the case? Here is an example: https://github.com/alexdlaird/twilio-taskrouter-demo/network/dependencies

See the “pyngrok” dependency is greyed out, but it is on PyPI here: https://pypi.org/project/pyngrok/

And you can see that the PyPI repo URL points to a valid GitHub repo as its home page: https://github.com/alexdlaird/pyngrok

Similarly, no “Dependents” show up for the package in GitHub: https://github.com/alexdlaird/pyngrok/network/dependents

So the linking seems broken both ways. What criteria are missing in the repo or published package? It seems the Dependency Graph is great when it works but is otherwise not documented at all, so it’s near impossible to get issues like this to resolve.

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This is a duplicate of the previous topic you participated in. I apologize that we haven’t gotten you an answer and we’ll look into it but we’ll continue the discussion on the previous topic. Since this is a duplicate, I’ll be locking this topic.

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