Certain file names are not processed correctly

For some reason, when I use certain files names, they appear as starred in every step. Is this because GitHub thinks that it is a bad word?


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Hi @madiganz , 

I guess this *** is caused by masked values. Do you use any secrets variables in your workflow which value macthes the masked string in file name before _ builder ? 

For example, if you have a secret variable names ‘env’ which value is ‘product’ ,

and in your workflow you used secrets env in an step environment variable. 

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: print secrets
      run: |
         echo 'product_build'
        ENV: ${{secrets.env}}

Then in workflow run logs, all the string “product” will be insteaded by “***”

Or do you use add-mask command

If this could not match your scenario, could you please tell me your complete file name? 

Hi @yanjingzhu,

I was wondering if that was the problem. Yes, in this case there is a secret that matches that part of the file name. So it shows as a masked string, but it shouldn’t cause any processing problems right?

No, it is just a display method to protect your secrets in workflow run logs. This masked string will not cause any processing problem.