Card (issue) disappears from project

I have moved this issue from “Todo” to “In Progress” in project Main (as is shown by the issue history: 

@pdkovacs pdkovacs moved this from  To Do  to  In Progress  in Main 26 minutes ago) – and as a result the issue disappeared from the board and I seem to be unable to recover it.

Any help appreciated.


I finally ended up deleting the “In Progress” column and recreating it. As I expected, the issues which were supposed to be on the original “In Progress” column could be readded to the board. Going forward, I am a bit worried to see this same issue re-occurring with a column having many cards, because the same work-around would probably be very painful there.

Hi @pdkovacs,

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If you run into this again, please reach out to private suppot at They’ll be able to look into the back end information to determine what might have gone wrong.

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