i’m not able to launch my website please help me for hosting it…
not getting the correct website link aswell

As far as I know, you should create a repository with the same name as your user name (in this case captiongram) and then it will be hosted. You can get a domain name after that.

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i’m not able to do that because i have another repository with same name

You can publish the new site in that repository, but the domain will be captiongram/quickquiz

GitHub only provides a single URL per account/organization using the account/organization username. In this case yours would be

You can host a Pages site from any repository under your account by enabling it in the settings, but the URL of the site will be In the case of this site, as you’ve named the repository, the URL will end up being I’d recommend renaming this repository to just Quickquiz for a cleaner URL of

Secondly, from the looks of things Pages isn’t enabled for that repository. You’ll need to head to the repository settings and enable Pages by choosing a publishing source—most likely you’ll want to choose the master branch.

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