Capacitive Touch to both Arduino and Bare Conductive Touch Board

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project where, when you touch the button (that is painted in electrical tape), it does two things: 1) plays a song from the Bare Conductive Touch Board; and 2) turns on an LED connected to the Arduino. 

Basically, I have the touch board set up to play the songs Iwant, and the LEDs to turn on when they’re touched (they’re powered through the Arduino). They each work separate, so when I have the touch board set up to the button, and I touch the button, the song plays. And when I have the arduino LED set up to the button, when the button is touched the LED turns on.

But when I have them both hooked up at the same time, nothing happens. I’m assuming this has something to do with there not being enough electricity omitted from the body to essentially “power” both. It may also be caused by feedback into one or the other module, and in that case, I might need to isolate the circuits, or figure out how to combine them into the same circuit… If that’s the case, any ideas?