Capability to re-open improperly/hastily closed issues

Github is an amazing platform and absolutely love it, however, I did want to offer a suggestion that I think would make it even better.   Would it be possible to allow users to re-open issues that they have submitted, as I have found time and time again that issues that I have submitted will be closed before I am given the opportunity to reply, and if the issue was either misunderstood/not read and was improperly closed, I have to go create a whole new ticket, reference the old ticket in the subject, and since pigs have a better chance of flying than me filling out any issue template a second time, I simply pick up where the previous ticket left off, requiring the developer to potentially switch back and forth between tabs repeatedly, or (in one case) switch back in forth between multiple tabs when they continue to close issues without properly waiting for feedback, which just results in me opening more issues like I described above.  Rather than go through all that, it would be awesome if user’s who submit issues can reopen issues that have been improperly closed so that all relevant information is in the same place.

Hi @whiggs,

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As for your question here, the ability to reopen issues is actually set by repo maintainers. This ability *does* exist, but it depends on your individual permissions as set for the repo in question. If you have only read access to a repo, you’ll be able to open and close your own issues, but you won’t be able to reopen them. All the details of permissions based on assigned access can be found here:

I hope this helps!