Cant view notebooks in repository

I am working on a project and when I save a copy in the (Private repository) repository using colab and try to view it later it keeps on showing An error occurred, I tried creating new repo as well as creating new notebook using colab and still can view my notebook. This problem started recently, but I am able to view my previous colab notebooks in other repositories. Any help would be appriciated.

did you follow the steps? you need to manually check that option for private repos,

Yes, I have done this previously and have accessed my notebooks via repos but this time I am facing issues.

including private repos?

and also there is an on-going problem at GitHub and even though others are not related to GitHub Actions, others report problems not related to it,

Yes, I have saved colab notebooks for previous projects also the private ones, I too came across this problem GitHub is going through but I am facing this same issue for the past week.

how about public repos?

All the other repos are working fine even the private ones, just the ones I created last week are facing these issues.

I’m checking it also, it’s working fine, but I cannot see your private repo, only this public repo

I’m wondering why it will not work at your private repo when it’s working at the public one,

is it possible this might be on the side of the app itself? not here on GitHub?

The first two repos are working fine just facing issues with the third one.

yup, I’m now seeing more, can you check that at the Developer Tools?

for example your public repo,

if you don’t know, click the 3 dots in Chrome, upper right corner, go to More tools and click Developer Tools then click Console,

as you can see here, it does not have any error because it’s working fine, we will be seeing what is not loading at your private repo, if ever there is,

Getting this error

can you click the link? the notebooks. ...

from that point we know that’s the error, it cannot load your specific notebook, it’s 500 Internal Server Error

can you click the 83b4 ...

it will be expanded when you click that

now it is expanded, click again the link at the bottom, it will go to that specific file hopefully,

but again, we already know the error is 500, that specific file is not loading, maybe this time, hopefully it will be fixed,

or try to create a new one to test whether it is successful

try to test it creating another one public and one private with plain text,

if that is working both, then maybe, it was simply that specific file that is the error,

just like there are characters that are not allowed or links at the file that also refused to connect etc.,

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Thanks for all the help, it seems the problem is with the notebook. I tried the same with a new notebook in private as well as public repos and they work fine. So I will have to check with my code.
Thanks for your time.

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