Can't view log for failed action

I have an action that runs on issue_comment events. It has a single job, that is supposed to run conditionally, based on whether or not the comment begins with a magic word.

This was working for a while, but sometime about a week ago it broke, and now this action is showing up as a failure every time anyone comments on a PR; but more importantly I can’t view the output for these job runs. They show up in the overall ‘Actions list’, but if I click on them I am taken to a focus view (it looks like based on the commit they were triggered for?) and the failures are not listed.

This is mostly a problem because my collaborators get spammed with constant failure notices.

There’s no logs to see, it’s just wrong status set. Click.

What you can do before fix, is to change your “if” in a way that tests will be done by shell, and add extra variable to “env” context if all conditions are satisfied.

- name: Check Things
run: |
         if ["${{ github.event_name }}" == "this"] || ["something" == "else"]; then
            echo ::set-env name=RUN_JOB::true
  shell: bash

Next, update all other steps with extra “if” checking environment variable:

- name: Do Things
  if: env.RUN_JOB == 'true'
  run: things.exe

You’ll get old. behavior (no spam if job shouldn’t run) at a price of running workflow for a second or two for each trigger. Easy to revert once we get a fix.

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