Can't view a logged in user's private repos

I’m trying out the Github API for a small project and I’m having trouble viewing private repos despite having an OAuth token for the logged in user.

I’m requesting access with next-auth, so my response is something like:

  provider: 'github',
  type: 'oauth',
  id: 23533178,
  access_token: 'gho_XXX',
  // I have specifically requested repo access
  scope: 'repo,user',
  token_type: 'bearer'

Once my user is logged in I request their repos:

    const getRepos = async () => {
      // this successfully logs my token
      return await fetch(
          headers: {
            Authorization: `token ${session?.accessToken}`,
      ).then((res) => res.json());

But the response only contains public repos,

Do I have the wrong token to request this info?