Can't upload .ipynb file as gist

Whenever I drag/drop or copy/paste an iPython notebook .ipynb file into I get a “Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?” message. This has been working fine for me in the past up until last week but just started failing today.

The problem is now fixed.

I still have the same problem , how did you solve it ?

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To anyone who works for github:

I have been grappling with the Sorry, something went wrong. [Reload?] issue for months. I have many notebooks in many repositories. (One such example is here).

Whenever the notebooks fail with Sorry, something went wrong. [Reload?] , the same notebook will be fine some time later , where “ some time later ” can be anywhere from several minutes to several hours (up to maybe a day). However that doesn’t mean that it won’t start failing again several hours after that.

I am convinced is using a service (hosted somewhere) to render notebooks, and that sometimes this service either gets into a bad state, or crashes; when that happens notebooks won’t render until the service is bounced (or somehow has its “good” state restored).

I would be happy to volunteer my time to help investigate the issue, if it is otherwise not a priority for to allocate the resources. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

This can be very inconvenient, even embarrassing, to say the least, when I am trying to provide support to users of my public repositories and they tell me that the notebooks to which I direct them are not rendering.

Thank you.