Can't upload files within Github "Issues"

When commenting on Issues I can’t attach/upload files anymore.

  • the Browser opens the file selection Dialog
  • I choose the file and press OK
  • nothing happens

It worked already in the past.

Hi @thomas374b :wave:

In order for the community to best assist you here, please give a bit more detail.

  • What kind of file is being uploaded?
  • What is the size of the file?

GitHub issues use markdown for file attachments. What is the syntax used for adding the file?
Could you take a screenshot of this file selection dialog you are interacting with?

The problem disappeared somehow. I’m not able to reproduce it. It worked already again.

As far as I recall the problem was not with the file itself but with the web dialog, it was lets say “unresponsive”. It was a very small ZIP archive with only one text file in the archive (configuration settings).