can't upgrade plan, and our repository is locked.. and no reply from github support..

we had a free private repo named zibann
then we upgraded it to individual pro $7 and paid year

Then we converted it to organization and was going to upgrade to Team

However it’s impossible to upgrade…
When we try to pay, the plan starts a year later (after the 7$ plan finishes)

There’s no way to upgrade from $7 individual to Team…

Our repository is blocked currently. and can’t use it… please fix it …

Ooh, that’s mightily annoying :frowning:

Unfortunately waiting for support is the only option here. Forum members can’t really do anything about billing issues. When did you contact them?

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It’s been like 5 days now… frustrating.

Thank you for reaching out @littlehome-eugene!

Unfortunately, it can take a little bit of time to receive a response from GitHub Support depending on the nature and severity of issue. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible to all tickets and are currently working on some efforts to allow us to shorten our average response time.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!