Can't see the log output of a job

We have a job that has been running for an hour . Its been running a step for a while (this is expected since those tests take a while to run) but we cannot expand that step to see the log output of that test

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Hi @vinitamurthi,

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This is typically due to:

  1. There are lots of content needs to be download, please wait for a minute to check the log.
  2. There’s no exit code returned by your script, the step hangs, it will timeout after about 6hours. In this case, please try to append & exit 0 with your script or add exit code in the script.
    eg: your step command & exit 0.

If both doesn’t work, please share your repo/sample repo for further investigation.

BTW, please try to enable debug logging to check if there will be more message.


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That means the test script will run in the background and exit 0 will get called basically immediately. Doesn’t the runner cancel background processes in that situation?

That said, in my experience the web interface tends to be very slow while watching an actions run live. So for a large output I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a performance issue.