Can't see pushed project on my repo‏

Hi, for some reason my pushed project from my Android Studio is not shown in my repository here.
I’ve recreated the project and new repositories 4 times already and it’s not working. I’ve even used a token to log in the last time. and still all i see is this screen.

I’m using mscOS Catalina if it makes a difference.

I’ll love to get some help. Thank you

It looks like you’re viewing the default main branch, and the yellow box points out you very recently pushed to the master branch. Maybe you accidentally committed/pushed to the wrong branch?

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how can i know where i pushed to? i mean i did exactly as instructed. copied the main link of my repository… and pushed there. where else should i push?

It’s not about the repository, but the branch you pushed to. The screenshot looks like you pushed to the master branch, but main is the default branch. If you want what you pushed to be shown by default you either need to push to main instead, or change the default branch.