Can't see pictures and some other styles when I'm logged in this forum

Is this expected?

In private mode, the issue doesn’t exist:

When I’m logged in (the pic links are added by myself due to this issue):

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I’m not sure what the problem is you’re asking about? The images you linked in your post don’t give me a good idea of what it is you’re runing into. Perhaps you could give some steps to reproduce the problem you’re seeing?

Let’s talk about this post.

This is what I got, when I’m not logged in:

This is what I got when I’m logged in:

I can’t see my pictures. Is this expected?

No, it isn’t expected. So, if you could give me the exact steps to reproduce the problem, including what browser and OS (with versions) you’re using, we’ll take a deeper look.

Resolved by unchecking the “ignore HTML” in “user-preferences”. Sorry for the inconvenience.