Can't resume "Managing merge conflicts" course

I have started in “Managing merge conflicts” course. Everything was fine untill I went to the pull request of step 6 instead of 5 (by mistake). After doing step 6, going to the next step. I was surprised that it was labeled with step 5 (actually 5a). I did not noticed that I missed a step previously, but notices after doing step 6. Now (after doing step 6) I have done step 5 (5a and 5b). but I cannot find a way to resume. going to dashboard I see that I should do step 6 (which, again, is alredy done).

How can I reset the couese progress?

Hi @waleedmortaja,

Thank you for taking the time to respond with comments and issues you encounter. I was able to recreate a similar issue after following the order of steps you provided. The course logic responds after a discoverable previous action, and in your case, it’s getting hung-up on which action to take since you jumped ahead and completed a step out-of-order. In this situation, it appears that the course is responding back with a general error and can’t progress.

We will look into improving this experience, but in the meantime, if you’re just looking for a quick reset on course progress to start over, you can navigate back to your course dashboard  and click on the Leave course button at the top. You can then choose the option to delete the repository this course was installed on and then you can rejoin the course. After simulating your situation, I removed the course, rejoined, and was able to complete the course.