Can't resume course!

I stopped the first course because I was busy. Now I am trying it to resume it, and I can’t figure out how.  I can see that this is going to be a recurring issue when you are being trained by a robot.

Hi @interglobalmedia I tried to take a look at your repository to see if I could help, but it looks like you may have already deleted it. I will try to give some general tips, but please comment again if this doesn’t sound like what you  experienced:

  1. Once you start a course, the bot should wait patiently for you to  complete each step. It doesn’t disengage from the repository until you click the button in the app labeled Leave course.
  2. If you don’t remember where you left off,  the app will try to point you to the next step with a Resume button. This button isn’t always exact - sometimes it takes you back to the issues tab and you need to click the issue to open it (this is something we will refine in the future).
  3. If you did  click the button to Leave course, the app will ask if you want to delete the course repository.  If you say no, the repository will remain in your account but the bot will no longer respond.

I hope some of this was helpful, but please do reach out if we can clarify any of this -  we want you to enjoy your courses on GitHub Learning Lab!

I actually found where to go and it is all fine. I did not delete. It is a private repo. Perhaps I should make them public lol. I am already on the second video. Thanks for responding and wanting to help!