Can't resume after creating an own branch

Can’t resume after creating an own branch

Hello @aungkhanthtoo! I took a look at your repository, and it looks like you’ve been following the directions. I’m going to pass this on to our engineering team to see if they can figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, do you mind trying to re-open issue #2, and create one more branch while the issue is open? Let me know how it goes! :smiley:

Same problem here. I’ve tried to delete and recreate new branches but no response from the bot.

@robertogcalle Thank you for posting that here. I’ll pass this along as well, and hopefully something will be sorted out soon. 

It’s working now.

Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know @aungkhanthtoo and @robertogcalle!

After digging into some logs and metrics, it appears that this was caused by some maintenance of GitHub APIs. We’ll be taking steps to ensure we’re prepared next time, but this shouldn’t happen any more.

Thanks again!