Can't Respond To Comments on Specific Pull Request

I can usually reply to comments on a pull request from the Conversation tab, but for some reason I abruptly stopped being able to do this on one specific pull request, but not others, last night. This occurred after I made some comments, so I wonder if there is a maximum number of comments permitted on a pull request. I tried an incognito window, but that didn’t work either. I am using the latest stable version of Chrome on Linux. I can still mark most but not all comment threads resolved. There is simply no box to type into or a button to send a response. I have a review in progress, and these are outdated comments that have since been pushed over, so I can’t see them in the files view. The issue affects my co-worker as well. Thoughts on troubleshooting this further would be most welcome.

Well, you need to be logged into your GH account in order to comment, so incognito browsing is not a viable solution.

Are these old comments by any chance part of a resolved (i.e. accepted or rejected) review?

I logged into my GitHub account in the incognito window.

There is no such thing as a resolved review in GitHub. Reviews can neither be accepted nor rejected.

The purpose of reviews is for maintainers to ask for clarifications, further changes, etc. This means that until the review(s) are approved (by the reviewer) the PR can’t be merged. And, if ultimately there is no agreement on the proposed changes, then the PR is rejected (i.e. closed as unmerged).

Whatever you might call it, a solved/approved review is effectively closed.

Reviews are not approved or rejected; pull requests are. The pull request is neither merged nor closed, but rather open. You can still reply to threads on merged/closed pull requests though. Our repository does not have protected branches since this is a private repository on a free account.

I noticed this happened in a PR that I had previously reviews, after I dismissed my review - although the comment I wanted to reply to wasn’t part of the dismissed review. And later after adding a new review, the Reply field appeared again.

Thanks for pointing this out. It sounds like there is more than one case where this bug manifests, because I didn’t dismiss my review.