Can't request a review from a org team unless that team is explicitly assigned a repo

Our organization uses teams, but we do not have any repos assigned to the teams, because we give repo access using the org-level base permissions (it’s a small org).

Because there are no repos assigned to the teams, I am unable to request a review from the org’s teams in any of the org’s repos. (They do not appear in the reviewer search/drop-down for any PR.) To request a review, I have to manually assign the repos one by one to the teams, and only then do they become available in the dropdown.

It would be helpful to be able available to request reviews from a org team on every org repo automatically, without having to fuss with assigning repos every time a new one gets created.

(Our use case specifically: We have a team called @org/reviewers which streamlines the review process for us. It makes it easier for new contributors to know who they can ask for reviews from, rather than having to single out specific people. It would be nice if this “just worked” across all of the org’s repos.)