Can't pull private Docker image using GITHUB_TOKEN

I’m having issues pulling a private Docker image, in a PR CI run.

I’ve been following this guide, and done the following steps:

  1. Updated actions access for the package in question, to include my repository.
  2. Set permissions for GITHUB_TOKEN, at the root level of my workflow file:
      packages: read
      contents: read
  3. Logged in with Docker:
      - run: echo "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}" | docker login -u ${{ }} --password-stdin
    Login Succeeded
  4. Pulled the image
     - run: docker pull

This gives me an error message: repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: installation not allowed to Read organization package

This is happening on a PR from a branch in the same repository. What should I do to be able to pull this image?

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